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The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Shkodra informs the small business on the legal obligations

The information of business regarding the legal obligations arising with the inclusion to the VAT scheme, still continues to be a priority for the Tax Administration in all the regional directorates.

The Director of the Regional Directorate of Shkodra, Mr. Hysen Hysaj, accompanied by the Director of the Taxpayers’ Service and Assistance Directorate, conducted some informative visits at the entities, that since more than one month have been included in the VAT scheme. In the RDT of Shkodra, there are 447 small businesses that have been transferred to this tax liability and all have been assisted and informed.

On his behalf, Mr. Hysaj ensured all entities that they will be assisted in every step to fulfil with accuracy the new legal obligations. Therefore, the businesses are encouraged to visit the Corners of assistance, established on such purpose.

He invited the entities to be part of the dedicated trainings in order to receive all the required information and to clarify every problem that might arise in the future.