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The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Kukes continues the information of small business

Throughout the Regional Directorates of Taxes in the country the informative campaign is still going on for the small business included in the VAT scheme in the past one month.

During the visits conducted at the entities, the Director of the Regional Directorate of Kukes, Mr. Albert Halilaj, accompanied by the employees of the Taxpayers’ Service, presented the entrepreneurs with the legal obligations, like the drafting and submission of the books of sales and purchases, completion of the VAT declaration, etc.

Mr. Halilaj ensured the small business that the employees of the administration that he is in charge of, are always at the availability of this category to provide all the due legal and technical assistance related to the manner of declaration in the system.

In the region of Kukes, the number of small businesses that have changed the fiscal regime is 64. More than 85% of these entities have retrieved the VAT books and have carried out the change of the tax rate in their fiscal equipment. In such permanent manner, said Mr. Halilaj, the employees of the Taxpayers’ Service are maintaining on-going contacts with this category of taxpayers.

The Tax Administration would like to make an appeal to taxpayers to continue and be part of the dedicated trainings.