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Annual Individual Declaration of Incomes in 2018; more than 8700 individuals submitted the declaration

Around 8700 individuals submitted at the end of April the Annual Individual Declaration of Incomes (AIDI), an annual obligation that in the Republic of Albania relies on the residents as well as non-residents that generate incomes amounting at more than ALL 2 million. This figure is approximately 5% higher than the number of declarants for the previous year.

For 2017, the value paid by the individuals, who made the declaration of individual incomes increased by 118%, compared with the payments performed for 2016. In other words, the total payment disbursed by these individuals to the state budget amounts at around ALL 275 million.

For the Tax Administration, such a figure definitely shows the awareness of this category of individuals on declaring and paying the taxable personal incomes, as well as serves as an additional guarantee regarding the justification of his/her wealth.

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to inform the individuals who observe that have committed any errors in the submitted declaration on April 30th, that they are entitled to correct their declaration twice within a three-monthly period.

For any further information, you can visit the official website of the Tax Administration,, go to the taxpayers’ service offices or to the regional directorates, call the free line 0800 00 02 at the Call Centre or communicate with the Live Chat service.