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The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, participated in the Forum on Cards organized by the Albanian Association of Banks

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, participated in the forum entitled “Increasing the use of cards as an instrument of payment”, organized by the Albanian Association of Banks on May 4th, 2018. The forum aimed at discussing among representatives of the banking system, government, Tax Administration, entrepreneurship, etc., on the manners of reducing cash in the Albanian economy.

During her speech in the discussion panel, the General Director of Taxes said that the fight against informality has been in the focus of the Tax Administration work during the last two years and it is still so, based on concrete action plans for specific sectors and taxpayers, but also against concerning phenomena.

“In Albania, the grey economy can be reduced by promoting e-payments or imposing limits on amounts to be paid in cash. This is mainly observed in the relations between the business and consumer, where the latter pays, but often does not ask for a receipt. Therefore, involuntarily he favours grey economy and on the other hand the business does not register this transaction”, said Mrs. Vjero.

The General Director of Taxes also emphasized the fact that it’s now time to undertake legal amendments to alleviate taxpayers in order to increase the formalization of payments.

This, said Mrs. Vjero, can be achieved by imposing stronger limitations on using cash, by means of: developing the system of payments with e-filing, fiscalization, banning actions in cash for transactions performed among two businesses, when the value of the transaction exceeds ALL 50,000, as well as to impede transactions performed between the business and an individual in case a determined value is exceeded.

Moreover, Mrs. Vjero asked for the cooperation with the private banking system to be increased, in order to promote the payments of different tax liabilities being carried out through e-Albania and there are 13 in total.

The attendees appreciated the results achieved by the Tax Administration in reducing informality, as well as they supported the reforms undertaken to improve services.