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The General Directorate of Taxes approved the Plan of Tourism 2018

The General Directorate of Taxes held on May 4th the 15th meeting of the Compliance Committee to approve the plan of touristic season for 2018, the analysis of the financial statements for 2017, as well as the measures to be taken for the inspection of taxpayers.

The plan of measures for this touristic season will have several main objectives, inter alia: to raise awareness of the entities that operate in this sector regarding the tax liabilities,

To provide the adequate assistance for any request they may have; raise awareness among the general public to receive the tax coupon at any time, reduce fiscal evasion, increase income, and generate new jobs.

This plan will be extended in all the important areas that provide touristic services in the country, till September.

Among others, the plan of measures provides for the information and awareness-raising of all taxpayers and individuals to comply with the tax legislation, by means of on-going communication.