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Small business with VAT. Approximately 9200 entities have been visited on-site by the Tax Administration in two months

The Tax Administration is intensively informing the small business that has been included in the Value Added Tax scheme. Since the beginning of March, when the campaign began, and till now, 9246 entities or 93% of the total have been visited by the employees of the Taxpayers’ Service, identified based on the self-declarations.

Also, training sessions have been held by every regional directorate for 2807 entities of this category.

These sessions, are led by the best specialists of the Tax Administration and there you can receive the core information regarding the steps to be taken till the first declaration, that is July 10th, like the drafting and submission of the books of sales and purchases, completion of the VAT declaration, etc.

Whereas, at the Corner of assistance, 4404 small businesses or 44% of the total have been acquainted until now in details with the legal obligations as well as the respective deadlines.

The Tax Administration would like to once again use this opportunity to encourage the small business to become an active part of these sessions till the end of June.

In any case, its employees are ready to provide all the assistance, whether in the premises of the administration as well as in the business premises in order to accurately, righteously and clearly inform on the legal obligations.