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The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Korça continues its meetings with small businesses

The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Korça is continuing with the information of small business included for the first time in the VAT scheme.

The Director of the RDT in Korça, Mr. Juxhin Saro, said that the number of these small businesses in this region is estimated at 520. Since March and till today, all these entities have been assisted through all forms of communication by the specialists of the Taxpayers’ Service, whereas dedicated trainings still continue, as well as the information in the Corner of assistance.

The Tax Administration ensured the small business that they will always be available to assist them in every step in order to correctly fulfil the new legal obligations. Mr. Saro invited the entities to be part of the dedicated trainings in order to receive all the necessary information and to clarify every problem that may arise in the future.