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The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, inspected the Corner of Assistance at the Taxpayers’ Service in Lezha

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero inspected the Corner of assistance at the Taxpayers’ Service in Lezha, in the light of the informative campaign for the small business that has been included in the VAT scheme.

By means of these visits, highlighted Mrs. Vjero, that are being conducted in all the regions, the aim is to get closely acquainted with the concerns that the small business might have, but they also serve to see how the Tax Administration is conducting this process.

Especially, Mrs. Vjero, reiterated the attention toward the care that small taxpayers must show in drafting the inventory of stock goods on March 31st, 2018, purchased with VAT tax invoice, specified in value and quantity. The inventory shall be submitted manually at the respective tax directorate where the entity is registered, as well as it must be upload on e-filing by April 30th, 2018.

The General Director of Taxes declared that work is under way also for a simplified declaration of VAT that will contain only some limited fields, very simple to be filled in by the category of small taxpayers.

In the region of Lezha, the number of taxpayers include for the first time in the VAT scheme is estimated at 222.