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The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Gjirokastra continues the training with small business included in VAT

The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Gjirokastra held the next session of trainings for the small business included for the first time in the VAT scheme. Present in the training was also the Director of the RDT in Gjirokastra, Mr. Ilir Meta.

Several issues were addressed during the training, where the Tax Administration introduced the representatives of small business with the legal amendments. The taxpayers were consulted with and informed regarding all the steps to be taken.

During his speech, Mr. Meta ensured that the Corner of assistance and the Call Centre will always be at the availability of this category in fulfilling this obligation, whether in providing the legal assistance or the technical one, related to the manner of declaring in the system.

With regards to the on-site visits, Mr. Meta said that the administration will visit every business door to door, which has exceeded the threshold of ALL 2,000,000 and which results from their self-declaration of their annual declaration of the Simplified Profit Tax. Approximately 85% of the business has been visited in the business premises in the RDT of Gjirokastra. The Tax Administration would like to make an appeal to all taxpayers to be part of these trainings.