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General Director of Taxation Ms. Vasilika Vjero, visit the Taxpayer Assistance Corner, Durrës

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, inspected the Corner of assistance at the Taxpayers’ Service in Durres, in the light of the informative campaign for small businesses that have been included in the VAT scheme.

During her speech, Mrs. Vjero said that these visits are being conducted in every region and serve to get closely acquainted with the concerns that this category might have in these moments.  

“For those taxpayers that have entered for the first time in the VAT scheme, the Tax Administration is showing an added care to better understand the legislation, for the steps to be followed now, as well as not to commit any mistakes in complying with all the deadlines and documentation to be completed”, said Mrs. Vjero.

Moreover, the General Director of Taxes explained that the declaration to be completed by the small business will have just some limited areas and very simple ones. This is a convenience foreseen by the Albanian Government to be as close as possible to these taxpayers.

In the Region of Durres, the number of taxpayers included for the first time in the VAT scheme is estimated at 1100.