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Small business with VAT. More than 68% of the entities, now part of the scheme, have been informed on-site from the Tax Administration

The General Directorate of Taxes is still continuing with the information of small business that has been included in the VAT scheme, by means of visits in the premises of the activity, dedicated trainings, as well as counselling in the Corners of assistance throughout the country.

As of March, until now, training sessions have been held for 2412 entities, which are foreseen to continue till the end of June. In these sessions the business has the possibility to receive the basic information on the VAT scheme, as well as to make questions and receive answers for legal aspects that are unclear to them. A total of 100 training sessions have been foreseen nation-wide.

Likewise, the employees of the Taxpayers’ Service in the 12 regional directorates have conducted 6849 informative visits on field throughout the country or about 68% of the total estimated. During the “face to face” meetings with the small business they receive leaflets, as well as other necessary informative materials.

Whereas, 3530 small businesses or 35% of the total have received information until now at the Corner of assistance regarding all the steps to be followed in the future.

The Tax Administration would like to encourage the small business to actively participate in these trainings. But, in any case, the employees are ready to provide all the assistance, whether in the premises of the administration, as well as in the business premises, to accurately and fairly inform on the legal obligations.