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The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, holds a working visit at the Corner of Assistance at the Taxpayers’ Service in Tirana

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vjero, inspected the Corner of assistance at the Taxpayers’ Service in Tirana in the light of the informative campaign for small businesses that have been included in the VAT scheme. 

During her speech, Mrs. Vjero said that the Tax Administration has shown readiness and maximum engagement of all tax structures during the admission of around 9900 taxpayers in the VAT scheme.

“This is an everyday moment of work, which is reflected throughout the regional directorates, at the Corners of assistance dedicated for small taxpayers, where all employees are ready to help this category to adapt to the new legal amendments”, said Mrs. Vjero during her statement.

The General Director of Taxes said that until now there is no any number of requests from small taxpayers to be deregistered or go passive, which testifies that they are receiving all the required assistance and are proceeding with their work at the premises of their activity.

Mrs. Vjero invited all taxpayers to visit the Corner of assistance for any unclarities, where they will be always welcomed. There are now 13 Corners of this type in every regional directorate. “5700 businesses have been visited to date out of 9975 included in the scheme. But, work on field is still going on to contact and train all taxpayers”.

During her speech she clarified that all entities that at the beginning of the year had an annual turnover above ALL 2 million, are now part of the VAT liability and have been automatically registered. The Tax Administration encourages voluntary self-declarations of taxpayers, which are related to the normal cycle of business activity.

The General Director of Taxes declared that work is under way also for a simplified declaration of VAT that will not have all the sections comprising or included in a standard VAT declaration and this will serve to help all taxpayers throughout this process.

On the other hand, the Tax Administration will not be severe in penalties for wrong declarations during completion. “Our goal is to prevent on time all the problems and, therefore, we have established the Corners of assistance, we are developing dedicated meetings at the taxpayers and/or numerous training and information sessions not only with taxpayers, but also with their financial consultancies, given that there is a high number of taxpayers that have chosen to have their liabilities reviewed by an accounting company or financial officers”, concluded Mrs. Vjero.

Afterwards, the General Director of Taxes visited the other desks of Taxpayers’ Service.