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Directors of Regional Tax directorates, holds intensive meetings with small business

Intensive meetings are being held nation-wide, as well as joint round tables between the Tax Administration and small businesses, which have been included for the first time in the VAT scheme.

In this framework, the Regional Directorate of Taxes held on April 12th, 2018 a meeting with 30 representatives of small business. The participants were assured that they will have the support of the Tax Administration at any time regarding the change in the tax rate in the fiscal equipment, inventory of goods at stock on 31/03/2018, drafting and submission of books of sales and purchases, performance of VAT declaration, etc.

Such meetings were also held by the directors of the Regional Directorates of Taxes in Shkodra, Korça and Gjirokastra.

They ensured the small business that it will be assisted related to any unclarity, concern or barrier that they might encounter in complying with the necessary legal steps. Every tax employee will provide correct and accurate information regarding the obligations arising to this category.

“Small business should keep in mind the fact that we are not talking about a new tax, but about self-declaration and that VAT is part of the final price of any goods or services formalized”, - said the directors of the RDTs.

The Tax Administration would like to invite small business to declare in favour of a better screening of the large business transactions.