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Small business in VAT. Increased participation in trainings as well as increased information through on-site visits

The General Directorate of Taxes is still continuing with its informative visits on field, dedicated trainings, as well as the assistance at the Corners of small business, throughout the country for entities included in the VAT scheme.

Trainings for 2027 entities have been held until now. The training sessions have been foreseen to continue till the end of June. They have been designed to assist all small businesses, according to their geographic extension. A total of 100 sessions have been foreseen.

Moreover, the Taxpayers’ Service employees have conducted 4037 informative nation-wide on-site visits. During the “face to face” meetings with the small business, the Taxpayers’ Service employees disseminated leaflets as well as other necessary informative materials. The total number of on-site visits has been calculated to be at 10,000.

Whereas, 2953 small businesses have received information at the Corners of assistance regarding all the steps to be followed in the future.

The Tax Administration still continues to express its availability to provide all the required assistance whether in its premises or in the business premises to accurately and righteously inform them on the legal obligations.