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Guideline for small business in VAT. Where to be careful.

Dear taxpayers!

As of April 1st, 2018, the legal amendments related to the Value Added Tax have entered into force. The Tax Administration has automatically registered you in the VAT scheme and instructs you to attentively follow the following clarifying steps:


  1. Change the tax rate in your fiscal equipment, by placing the rate of 20% or the reduced rates as per the area of your activity.
  2. For stock goods that you possess for sale, the VAT for sale shall be calculated in the future period. The inventory of goods on 31/03/2018, must be submitted at the regional directorate of taxes where you are registered, and it will be uploaded to e-filing, under the section “My cases”, by April 30th, 2018.
  3. Take measures to be equipped with tax invoice books, that you can receive at the regional directorate of taxes where you are registered. The tax invoices shall be used in cases when you will perform transactions amounting at more than ALL 40,000 and/or under this value when asked by the buyer.
  4. For any purchase of goods or services you must own the respective tax invoice of this purchase. Only then you can deduct the purchase VAT from the sales VAT. Moreover, you must justify any goods in stock with the respective purchase invoice. The VAT or non-VAT invoices shall be registered at the book of purchases, in the respective column.
  5. Register chronologically in the sales books every sales tax invoice issued by you, as well as the memorized daily turnover of the fiscal equipment in one single figure.
  6. The books of sales and purchases shall be submitted every three months, by 10th of the next month of the respective quarter. The first deadline to declare the books of sales and purchases shall be July 10th, 2018 for the tax periods: April-May-June 2018.
  7. The VAT declarations shall be filled in based on the monthly data of the books of sales and purchases. They must be submitted every three months, by 14th of the next month of the respective quarter. Specifically, for: April-May-June 2018, the first deadline for this declaration shall be July 14th, 2018. For: July-August-September 2018 the deadline for declaration shall be October 14th, 2018. For October-November-December 2018 the deadline shall be January 14th, 2019.

The Tax Administration would like to encourage you to take part in the trainings being held in every regional directorate of taxes, regarding the inclusion of small business in the VAT scheme.

Moreover, for any questions or unclarities you can call at the free green line 0 800 00 02 and visit the Corners of assistance dedicated to small business.

Thank you!