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The General Directorate of Taxes exchanges data electronically with the NBC on commercial entities

The General Directorate of Taxes and the National Business Centre are intensifying their cooperation. Currently, both institutions have simplified the mutual exchange of operation, making it mainly electronically. Such a thing reduces procedures, shortens the time necessary for receiving data, and reduces administrative costs.

More specifically, the GDT electronically sends to the NBC the following data:

  • the current tax situation of entities that apply for deregistration

Therefore, since the application moment, the NBC can inform the entities on the situation related to the liabilities and submission of declarations. But, this will not exclude the possibility for the NBC to abide by the deadlines defined by law for deregistration.

  • the financial statements and audit/activity reports.

The NBC shall receive electronically the financial statements submitted at the Tax Administration.

  • the NACE Codes (the updated activity of the entity)

The GDT sends electronically to the NBC the Nace Codes, updated in case of verification and observation by the Tax Administration, in order for both institutions to have complaint data.

  • the entities that are obliged to submit the annual financial statements

The GDT provides to NBC the opportunity to consult online if an entity is obliged to submit the financial statements for a specific period.


The National Business Centre also informs the General Directorate of Taxes related to a number of data. Mainly those related to the entities that deregister from the trade register, those that have applied for activization, withdrawal from suspension, on insolvency procedures, merging by absorption, division of the company, transformation of the company, etc.

The General Directorate of Taxes remains maximally committed to facilitate procedures, as well as to provide services at a lesser administrative cost.