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Small business in VAT still continues to participate in the Tax Administration trainings

1959 entities have participated in the training sessions being held nation-wide to inform the small business included in VAT as of April 1st, 2018.

2764 small businesses have been visited in their premises of activity by the specialists of the Taxpayers’ Service since the beginning of March.

For the same period, the Corners of assistance provided detailed information and orientation for 2367 entities.

The total number of entities trained, assisted and informed on the procedures of inclusion in the VAT scheme is 7090. This figure represents around 70% of the total entities that have been informed by the Tax Administration to be included in the normal regime of VAT.

The training sessions have been foreseen to continue to the end of June. They have been designed to assist all small businesses, as per their geographical extension. A total of 100 sessions have been foreseen.  

The Tax Administration continues to express its availability to provide all the necessary assistance in its premises, as well as in the business premises to accurately and righteously inform them on their legal obligations.