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In March approximately 1210 small businesses were trained and around 1500 assisted at the Corners of Assistance for inclusion in the VAT scheme

From March 26th to 29th, the next session of dedicated trainings of the Regional Directorates of Taxes of Tirana, Saranda, Gjirokastra and Kukes were held, related to the small business that will be included for the first time in the VAT scheme.

Up to now the total number of participants in these trainings is estimated at around 430, who represent around 1210 entities. The participants got acquainted with the procedure to be followed in complying with the legal obligations, general concepts of VAT, filling in and deadlines of the VAT declaration, books of sales and purchases, filling in and declaring them, filling in a tax invoice, etc.

Also, during March, a total of 1500 entities have been assisted in the Corners of assistance, specifically established for the small business, and there are 13 corners throughout the country.

The training sessions have been foreseen to continue to the end of June and have been designed to assist all small businesses, as per their geographical extension. A total of 100 sessions have been foreseen.   

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to invite all interested parties to be part of these trainings and to get acquainted with the legal procedures and obligations. aa