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The General Director of Taxes holds a working visit at the Regional Directorate of Gjirokastra

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vjero, held a working visit with the directors of the Regional Directorate of Gjirokastra and Regional Directorate of Saranda, where she was also accompanied by the Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr. Xhavit Çurri.

The focus of this meeting was the work analysis of the Tax Administration of both Regional Directorates during last year, and also the performance in the first two months of 2018.

The results related to the collection of outstanding liabilities were specifically analysed, and the concrete strategy to be followed this year was addressed as well. Moreover, Mrs. Vjero asked for measures to be taken to prevent the generation of new liabilities.

Another issue discussed related to the rigorous implementation of the procedures for VAT refunding and the compliance of legal deadlines.

Specifically, the General Director of Taxes asked the Tax Administration of Saranda to begin as soon as possible with the implementation of the detailed plan of measures for the touristic season, which should focus on the fight against informality and increasing the database of taxpayers. 

During her speech, Mrs. Vjero said that the administration should have a clear overview of all the entities that provide services during the touristic season in this region.

Also, the General Director of Taxes asked the Taxpayers’ Service structures in both directorates to be maximally engaged in assisting the small business, mainly those that will be included in the VAT scheme as of April 1st.

Apart from counselling at the “Corner of assistance for small business”, Mrs. Vjero asked for all on-site visits planned by the working groups to be conducted, in order to provide the required assistance. This category will be mainly assisted in filling in electronically the tax declarations, especially that of VAT.

The Tax Administration is paying more and more attention to increasing the quality of service provided to taxpayers, apart from the obligation to increase incomes.