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The General Director of Taxes holds a working meeting with the Regional Directorate of Lezha and Shkodra

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, held a working visit with the directors of the Regional Directorate of Lezha and Regional Directorate of Shkodra. She was accompanied by the Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr. Xhavit Çurri, by the Director of Tax Investigation, Mr. Enertil Canaj, and by the Director of Tax Investigation of the Northern Region, Mr. Mirsad Sylja, as well as by the Director of the Tax Inspection, Mrs. Iris Ago.

In the meeting with the senior structures of both regional directorates, Mrs. Vjero appreciated the results achieved during 2017, but also in the first two months of the year and asked to increase efforts to have a higher performance during the coming period.

The General Director of Taxes asked from the structures of Lezha and Shkodra to rigorously fulfil all the deadlines for the conduction of planned inspections, to coordinate inspections at its best and in a strategic manner, which are focused on requests for refunding. Their accomplishment within the deadlines provided for in the law constitutes an obligation for the Tax Administration.

“Both Regional Directorates of Lezha an Shkodra should focus their work not only in increasing incomes, but also in improving the service to taxpayers, by coordinating work from office and on field to get closely acquainted with the problems” said Mrs. Vjero in her speech. 

She specifically asked the Regional Directorate of Shkodra to establish adequate working groups to verify the situation of farmers, given that their number is high, in order to increase the formalization of this category, and of the collectors as well. Mrs. Vjero appreciated the fact that this directorate is equipping the farmer with NUIS in a record time, who want to benefit from the subsidizing policies implemented by the government. 

Both directorates were assigned to start working and take measures for the new touristic season, to reduce the level of informality and to increase self-declarations. Also, they were asked to assist the business with information to fill in the tax documentation in the main touristic areas.

At the end of the meeting, the General Director of Taxes visited the office of Taxpayers’ Service in Lezha, where she emphasized the importance of increasing the quality of service, fulfilling the dedicated needs of taxpayers, mainly of those to be included in the VAT scheme as of April 1st. Apart from counselling at the “Corner of assistance for small business”, Mrs. Vjero asked for all planned on-site visits to be conducted by the working groups in order to deliver a detailed information on any problem or difficulty that the small business may face.

The main philosophy of work for the Tax Administration still remains the education and awareness to increase self-declaration of taxpayers.