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1295 violations have been observed by the Tax Investigation during the actions conducted in February-March 2018

The General Directorate of Taxes remains committed in the fight to prevent and combat informality. Pursuant to the Operational Plan, for the period between February 5th – March 11th, 2018, the Tax Investigation Directorate has inspected more than 4,143 taxpayers, out of which 1,259 were sanctioned for violating the tax legislation, whereas around 20% of them were sanctioned because they did not possess goods accompanied with a tax documentation.

The total number of the entities blocked in this period was 63, where 50 were unregistered entities and 13 for failure to issue a tax coupon (second case).

During the last weekend, the Tax Investigation Directorate engaged its subordinate structures to conduct inspections in the territory. 299 inspections were carried out and 166 violations were identified or 42% of taxpayers got a fine. 

The General Directorate of Taxes herein informs that the implementation of this operational plan will be extended throughout the territory and will be focused on verifying the entities with regards to the following:


  • Verifying if the goods used, stored or transported are documented with a tax invoice.
  • Registration of commercial entities at the NBC and Tax Authority.
  • Installation, use of fiscal equipment and issuance of tax coupon.
  • Verifying if employees are declared in the Tax Authorities.
  • Inspecting the documentation of ownership of the premise of business activity and transport vehicle.
  • Other verifications that might be necessary during the conduction of inspections

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to make an appeal to all taxpayers to voluntarily fulfil all the legal obligations, as well as to report the acts of abuse from the Tax Administration.