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13 different payments of tax liabilities can be performed online via the e-Albania portal, making it easier for taxpayers

By March, all entrepreneurs and individuals as well, can perform online the payments for 13 tax liabilities through the e-Albania platform, at any time and at no printing cost.

The taxpayers can do this by logging into the e-Albania portal with their credentials and can perform a partial or full payment for the following taxes and fees:


  • VAT payment for the business
  • Income tax for the business
  • Gambling tax for the business
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Mineral rents of the entity
  • Simplified profit tax
  • National taxes
  • National fees
  • Withholding tax
  • Social securities and health care contributions by the business
  • Global liabilities
  • Tax on income from employment from the business
  • Tax on personal income for the small business


The General Directorate of Taxes remains maximally committed in facilitating the procedures to provide at any time and at the lowest cost possible a qualitative service to every taxpayer.