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The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, holds a working meeting at the Regional Directorate of Vlora

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, held a working meeting at the Regional Directorate of Vlora, where she was accompanied by the Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr. Xhavit Çurri.

The focus of the meeting with the senior structures of this directorate was the progress of performance up to date, as well as the challenges to be overcome in order to ensure not only an increase in incomes, but also quality in service.

“The Regional Directorate of Taxes has had a satisfactory performance in the last year, but more should be done to fight informality and fiscal evasion. The tax structures of this directorate must engage more in identifying the taxpayers that present a potential risk and a thorough investigation must be taken against them, when deemed necessary and based on evidences”, said Mrs. Vjero.

The General Director of Taxes asked the senior structures of the RDT in Vlora to start working right now and establish special working groups in order to take the necessary measures for the new touristic season. She asked for the development of a detailed tax plan, and to obtain a clear overview of all the entities that operate in all the touristic areas covered by this directorate. A special attention must be dedicated to those entities that go to passive status in a fictive manner and reopen to operate only during summer season in order to avoid any potential abuse.

In the framework of inclusion of the small business in the VAT scheme as of April 1st 2018, Mrs. Vjero emphasized that the Taxpayers’ Service structures in the RDT of Vlora must operate on field as well to assist the entities, by disseminating all the necessary information. She highlighted the relevance of increasing the quality of service, fulfilling the dedicated needs of taxpayers in this region, by encouraging them to go to the “Corner of assistance for small business”. Through this corner the taxpayers shall be assisted to fill in the tax declaration and will receive detailed information on every problem or difficulty faced throughout their daily activity.

During the meeting, Mrs. Vjero stopped by the Taxpayers’ Service Office as well and asked for measures to be taken to further improve it, in order to ensure a model service to taxpayers. According to her the Tax Administration must increase cooperation with the business to encourage them to self-declare, as well as to increase the taxpayer’s database.