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“Inventory paper” for the stock of goods and materials purchased with VAT for small business to be included in the VAT scheme

The small business taxpayers with a turnover above ALL 2,000,000 up to ALL 5,000,000, that pursuant to the Law No. 107/2017 – “On some addenda and amendments to the Law No. 92/2014 “On Value Added Tax in the Republic of Albania”, as amended, DCM No. 953, dated 29/12/2014 of the Council of Ministers “On implementing provisions of the Law No. 92/2014 “On Value Added Tax in the Republic of Albania”, as amended, Article 11, shall be included in the VAT scheme as of April 1st, 2018, apart from the organizational measures that they should take, must also report the inventory of stock goods by March 31st, 2018, purchased with VAT invoice not before than 12 months.

Therefore, the following shall be taken into consideration:

  • the list of stock goods specified in amount and value shall be drafted, which will specify the registration date of stocks, as per the form attached to this notification;
  • every good included in the inventory shall be justified with a VAT purchase tax invoice, purchased not before than 12 months ago from the date of inventory declaration, and shall be registered in the taxpayers’ books. The period of invoices declared in the inventory is April 1st, 2017 until March 31st, 2018. These invoices shall be attached to the inventory;
  • the inventory shall be submitted at the regional directorate upon registration in the normal VAT regime byApril 30th, 2018. A copy of this inventory shall be uploaded in e-filing by the taxpayer.

Moreover, all these taxpayers shall be equipped with VAT tax invoice books, that must be received at the Regional Directorate of Taxes where they are registered.