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Institutional coordination in the joint fight against fiscal evasion

The coordination of actions in the joint fight against fiscal evasion was the focus of today’s meeting at the General Directorate of Taxes. The regional directors and those of the Tax Investigation Directorate, discussed in a joint round table on the areas of action, effective exchange of information and close cooperation in order for the respective structures to respond rapidly to prevent, identify and punish the phenomena of evading legal liabilities from the taxpayers. More specifically, in this meeting, the data on the referral of cases brought by the Regional Directorates of Taxes to the specialized structures of Tax Investigation were taken into analysis, as well as the intensification of cooperation to timely refer suspected cases of criminal offences related to taxes. This cooperation will be mainly focused on the suspected phenomena of financial fraud, accumulation of outstanding tax liabilities, cases of income concealment or unjustified accumulation of income, as well as any other case that constitutes a violation of the tax legislation.

The General Directorate of Taxes is committed to strengthen the capacities of the Tax Administration in the fight against the phenomena of avoidance of legal obligations and holding legally accountable all the offenders that commit criminal offences.