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Meeting with the Italian entrepreneurship, “Protection of Italian businesses in Albania”

Upon invitation of the Italian Embassy in Tirana, the Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr. Xhavit Çurri, on February 7th attended the workshop entitled “Protection of Italian businesses in Albania”. This meeting aimed at promoting cooperation of the Italian entrepreneurship, mainly in the manufacturing sector, with the Albanian institutions and strengthening a new approach in the relations between the two countries.  

Considering the Italian entrepreneurship as a very important economic actor in the country, Mr. Çurri briefly presented some of the aspects kept in focus during 2017 by the Tax Administration. Among others, as some important positive changes during 2017, Mr. Çurri highlighted the progress in consolidating the electronic system of taxes, the increase in addressing requests and the reduction of time for VAT refunding to businesses, the implementation of the Law “On remission” of outstanding liabilities, the provision of assistance through innovative tools like the Call Centre or the real time assistance through the assistance window in the official website. Another facilitating process for the business is also the digitalization of 9 tax services that have reduced time and costs for the businesses.

The representatives of the Italian entrepreneurship from the manufacturing sector addressed some specific problems that received clarifications on a case by case basis and, also, the need for further cooperation was reiterated in order to provide joint solutions on due time.