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The General Director conducts a working visit at the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Berat

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, held on Monday a working meeting at the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Berat. During this meeting she got acquainted with the progress of the Tax Administration activity in this regional directorate.

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vjero, discussed with the leading structures on the performance of this directorate in the last 12 months. Specifically, the results related to the outstanding liabilities collection and VAT refunding procedures were taken under analysis. With reference to these issues, both directors of the GDT, that of the Forced Collection Directorate and of Refunding, shared with the directors of the RDT Berat the concrete strategy that will be followed during this year. The focus will be on maximising the collection of outstanding liabilities and preventing the generation of new liabilities, as well as continuing with the simplification of procedures and deadlines for the VAT refunding process.

A relevant aspect kept into consideration during this meeting was the strengthening of the taxpayers’ service role to increase the quality of services provided to the citizens and entrepreneurship. In the RDT of Berat as well, will be opened very soon the corner of assistance for the small business that will be included in the VAT scheme for the first time. This special corner will serve to help the businesses in completing and accurately declaring the tax declaration in the electronic system of taxes.