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Intensification of anti-informality measures; the Tax Investigation structures conduct on-field inspections

The Tax Administration constantly continues its operational actions aiming to deepen the measures against informality, at a different action level.

The Tax Investigation Structures will undertake a number of inspections on field, which aim to prevent, detect and punish fiscal evasion, mainly focused on: 

  • food and industrial goods markets;
  • storage, and wholesale and retail units,
  • main road axis in every region, in order to check the documents of goods in transition,
  • transport of passengers.                          

Object of verifications will be: 

  • the registration of commercial entities in the NBC and Tax Authority;
  • the installation and use of fiscal equipment.
  • verification and declaration of employees at the Tax Authorities.
  • to control the documentation with tax invoice of goods used, stored, transported, as well as the equipment of passengers with tickets;
  • to verify the taxpayers regarding the issuance of tax coupon at the real value of the product/service compared to the list of displayed prices.
  • other verifications provided for by the tax inspection methodology. 

We would like to remind to every taxpayer, that keeping an accurate documentation that will undergo inspection, such as the document of origin of goods (purchase invoice), issuance of the tax coupon, correct use of the fiscal equipment, etc., apart from reducing/eliminating the imposition of penalties, they also considerably reduce the duration of verifications, which is in favour of the effective working time of every business.