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The General Director holds a working visit to the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Durres

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, conducted a visit on Friday at the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Durres. During this working visit, she got acquainted with the progress of the Tax Administration activity in this regional directorate, that based on the number of administered taxpayers is the second one most important in the country.

Mrs. Vjero stopped especially at the premises of taxpayers’ service where she got acquainted with the important progress that the transition of 9 tax services to the e-Albania governmental platform has given to this service. According to the data it appears that 66% of the requests to be equipped with certificates is now conducted online and only 34% of them are addressed at the front desks. The Regional Director of Taxes, Mrs. Valbona Sako, said that this reform has provided more space to the taxpayers’ service by returning it to the primary function, that of information, education and assistance provided to taxpayers.  

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, during this visit also announced the shortly establishment of the corner for small business assistance that will be included for the first time in the VAT scheme. This corner will serve exclusively to this category of taxpayers, in order to help them with the completion and concrete declaration of the declarations in the e-filing tax system.

The General Director of Taxes congratulated the employees of the Regional Directorate of Durres and asked for a maximum engagement to fulfil the duties in providing a qualitative service to all taxpayers.