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1 year from the opening of the Call Centre

One year from the opening of the Call Centre, the General Directorate of Taxes has provided free services to more than 65,000 taxpayers. The Call Centre has been perceived as an instrument in favour of the citizens and entrepreneurship, assisting them despite their location and at no costs. The Call Centre serves as a first assistance for information and help regarding the tax legislation, electronic declaration or/and other services provided by the Tax Administration.

As of February 1st, last year, 9,728 incoming calls have been received in the green line 0800 00 020, whereas the administration has communicated with 49,835 taxpayers for dedicated notifications related to reminders on declaration deadlines, direct communications to inform them on the possibility of self-correction, to benefit from the Law “On remission” or reminders to pay the tax liabilities.

The specialists of the administration engaged at the Call Centre, administer the communication on real time as well through the assistance provided in the Live Chat window, that is active in the official website of the Tax Administration. 6,073 users and visitors of the website have been contacted through this platform.

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to thank you all taxpayers that have believed in these services, and it will continue to be maximally committed in improving the services provided to entrepreneurship in order to minimize their costs and time to receive the services.