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Approval of the GDT Operational Plans for 2018

The General Directorate of Taxes held on Monday the next meeting of the Operational Committee focused on the “Approval of the Operational Plans for 2018”. The Operational Plans are based on the long-term Strategy 2017/2021. At the core of these plans for 2018 will be to ensure the assistance on voluntary compliance, efficient implementation of the legislation and the investigation of tax fraud cases, as well as the organizational progress of the Tax Administration and increase of its capacities.

A special attention will be provided to the internal institutional interaction where the directorates will be involved in joint actions in line with the well-established deadlines to identify risk sectors, their inclusion in the sectorial plans of voluntary compliance, conduct inspections aimed at the correction of deviant behaviour of taxpayers.

Furthermore, with regards to the collection of tax liabilities, the operational plan of this year clearly defines the philosophy of prioritizing the tax debt, following it and collecting it, as well as strengthening cooperation with the Call Centre for the on-time information of taxpayers in order to prevent the generation of new liabilities.

Another issue that will be under the focus of the administration is related to the strengthening of human capacities and resources that will be involved in on-going training programs and will be evaluated according to the clear criteria of performance measurement.