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Meeting with the American Chamber of Commerce on “Taxation and business for 2018”

On an invitation of the American Chamber of Commerce, the General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, as well as other senior directors of the GDT, participated on Wednesday, January 24th, in the business forum entitled “Taxation and business for 2018”. This is an annual meeting convened by the American Chamber of Commerce.

Following the greeting remarks of the President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Mark Crawford, Mrs. Alketa Uruçi, in her quality of the Chairwoman of the Committee of Taxes and Laws and member to the Chamber, presented some issues that are of concern for the members of the Chamber related to the VAT refunding, fiscal evasion, administrative measures against businesses for invoicing toward entities that currently appear with a passive status, but that according to her it is rather difficult to be identified as such.

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vjero, provided an overview of the progress of the Tax Administration activity and its mutual relationship with the business during 2017, by sharing with the attendees some relevant data on every aspect of the Tax Administration activity.

In her speech, Mrs. Vjero, confirmed the commitment of the General Directorate of Taxes to find common solutions on every problem of the business by recommending meetings at expert level, not only with the members of this chamber, but with the whole business community as well, in order to address and solve on due time the issues concerning entrepreneurship.

A special attention in the speech of the General Director of Taxes was given to the strengthening of taxpayers’ service through the facilitation of procedures, risk-based tax inspection and improvement of debt indicators.