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The operational plan of the Tax Investigation Directorate for February-March 2018 is approved

The General Directorate of Taxes held on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018, the 8th meeting of the “Operational Committee” on the “Approval of the Operational Plan for February – March 2018” of the Tax Investigation Directorate. This plan has been drafted to prevent, detect and punish fiscal evasion and illegitimacy in the area of taxes. Its implementation will be extended throughout the territory of the country, focusing on the following verifications of entities:

  1. Inspecting the documentation with tax invoice of the goods used, stored, transported in various taxpayers;
  2. Taking administrative and penal measures to fight fiscal evasion;
  3. Verifying the entities if they issue the tax coupon at the real value of the product/service compared to the displayed list of prices;
  4. Registration of commercial entities at the NBC and Tax Authority;
  5. Installation and use of fiscal equipment and issuance of tax coupon;
  6. Verifying and declaring employees at the Tax Authorities;
  7. Other verifications as the case may be during the conduction of inspections