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GDT holds the 7th meeting of the Operational Committee

On Friday the General Directorate of Taxes held the 7th meeting of the “Operational Committee” on the “Accomplishment of operational plans for 2017”. During this year, the heads of directorates at the GDT, presented the progress achieved by the structures during 2017 with regards to the achievement of strategic objectives for 2017. These plans are based upon the strategic objectives of the Tax Administration for 2017-2021, where the primary focus is on ensuring assistance by the Tax Administration in order to encourage voluntary fulfilment as well as the efficient implementation of the tax legislation. Likewise, one of the important objectives is to provide qualitative services and reduce the administrative burden for taxpayers and business.

Based on the thorough analysis and reporting of every directorate, it appears that the operational plans have been followed and achieved, but also special recommendations have been given to be followed in the future by the respective directorates at the GDT.