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The Tax Investigation Directorate refers 54 cases to the Prosecution Office

The Directorate of Tax Investigation at the General Directorate of Taxes and its subordinate structures, following the plan of measures in the framework of the fight against informality, apart from conducting inspections at the economic activities throughout the territory, is also focused on the prevention, detection and fighting criminal offences in the area of taxes. In cooperation with the Prosecution Offices of the Judicial Districts, during October-December 2017, 54 commercial entities have been referred to these bodies for several criminal offences. These offences have been committed by 72 offenders that are currently being investigated on bail. The financial damage caused due to these criminal offences is estimated at ALL 4,065,727,172.

The exhibits referred to the Prosecution Office are related to the following criminal offences

-Establishment of VAT fraud schemes; 4 cases have been referred with 21 offenders with a damage value amounting at ALL 304,186,002.  

-Concealment of incomes; 13 cases have been referred in total with 14 offenders, with a value of concealment amounting at ALL 799,400,872.      

-Failure to pay taxes; 21 cases have been referred in total with a damage value amounting at ALL 2,961,340,298.

Also, 16 cases have been referred for other offences provided for in the Criminal Code with 16 offenders with a damage value amounting at ALL 800.000.

For all the above-mentioned cases, the illegal activity of these entities has been fully documented from the legal point of view. Work is going on in cooperation with the respective Prosecution Offices to terminate as soon as possible the investigation and send the offenders to be trialled by the judiciary.