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Response regarding the detention of two tax inspectors in Fier

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to thank you the structures of the Economic and Financial Crime Investigation Sector regarding the immediate apprehension of two employees from the Tax Investigation structures suspected as involved in a corruption act during the inspection at an entity in the area of Levan-Fier.

The General Directorate of Taxes strongly condemns and will not tolerate any act related to corruption, whether active or passive, of its employees and invites every business and citizen to report any illegal action of its employees against them.

Statement of the Albanian State Police

The Albanian State Police finalized the police operation encoded “The inspector”.

2 tax inspectors have been apprehended for corruption and being suspected that took a bribe of 7 thousand euros from a business.

The specialists from the Economic and Financial Crime Investigation Sector at the Local Directorate of Police in Fier, upon a 2-monthly investigative work followed with the special investigation methods, apprehended the following persons:

- F. ZH., 35 years old, resident in Fier, head of the analysis and information office at the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Fier;

- A. T., 55 years old, resident in Fier, serving as an Investigation Inspector at the Investigation Directorate at the Directorate of Taxes in Fier.

They were apprehended because, being in the position of the Tax Inspector, they have required and taken 7 thousand euros as a bribe from a commercial entity in order to avoid tax sanctions.

The exhibits were transferred to the Prosecution Office at the Court of First Instance in Fier for the criminal offence of “Passive corruption” carried out in cooperation, provided for by the Articles 259 and 25 of the Criminal Code.