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RDTs in Elbasan, Fier and Vlora meet with business representatives

The Regional Directorates of Taxes throughout the country continue with their close meetings with companies and businesses under their jurisdiction. In the framework of improving the services provided to them, as well as the fight against informality, the Regional Directorates of Taxes of Elbasan, Fier and Vlora respectively, held meetings with administrators of companies in the cities of Librazhd, Fier and Vlora. The objective of these meetings was to discuss on the problems related to the implementation of the anti-informality action, current progress for each region and the call to cooperate in the joint fight against informality.

Part of the discussions in these meetings were also the concrete concerns of the participants regarding the problems faced in the daily activity of a legal and technical nature.

The taxpayers deemed as positive the initiative undertaken by the Tax Administration regarding these meetings and were in favour of cooperating against informality and evasion, as well as greeted the special role given to the assistance and service provided to taxpayers, whether in the business premises or in the Taxpayers’ Service front-desks.