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The RDT of Dibra meets with large business taxpayers

The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Dibra met with representatives of large business in this region. The meeting focused on discussions regarding the process of anti-informality action implementation and getting closely acquainted with the problems faced by these businesses.

The representatives of RDT in Dibra presented the attendees with some of the results from this action and asked for their cooperation to report every case of informality that prejudices the entrepreneurs and consumers, thus encouraging the generation of conditions for an unfair competition. 

On the other hand, the representatives of large business in this meeting, expressed some of the difficulties encountered in the chain of interaction with the small business, especially regarding the refusal of the latter to be supplied with goods accompanied with a tax invoice.

The meeting proceeded with practical instructions regarding tax procedures, a reminder to benefit from the law on deletion of liabilities until December 31st and the use of e-Albania governmental portal to generate documents at no cost and at any time from the individuals and companies wherever they are.