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RDTs of Shkodra and Fier meet with business representatives

In the framework of the anti-informality action, the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Shkodra has held a meeting with business representatives in Malësi e Madhe. In the meeting they discussed on the implementation of the anti-informality action and shared opinions regarding common issues.

During this meeting the representatives from the RDT of Shkodra informed the participants on the last phase of the implementation of the Law “On remission” and invited the taxpayers to benefit from this law, reminding them that the outstanding principal liabilities for 2011-2014 must be paid by December 31st of this year in order to benefit from the deletion of other liabilities for outstanding fines and interests.

Moreover, the representatives of the Tax Administration informed the participants regarding the 9 new services that the General Directorate of Taxes provides in the online platform e-Albania, for the generation of certificates at any time and at no cost by the businesses and individuals.

Likewise, the Regional Directorate of Fier as well, held a meeting with business representatives in the area of Mallakastra, where the participants exchanged ideas and expressed their suggestions regarding the issues faced during the business inspections of this region. Whereas, the business representatives of this area asked for further simplification of procedures related to tax documentation and to increase the level of information.

The Tax Administration will continue to be an active part of these consultations with the business community and will hold further meetings, in order to discuss with the taxpayers, exchange opinions and hear the problems raised by them.