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How to correct a wrong press of the tax coupon

The Tax Administration would like to remind you that every transaction carried out in a wrong manner by the taxpayer in the fiscal equipment shall be self-declared by submitting a request for correction at the Regional Directorate of Taxes.

In case of a sale wrongly registered (not carried out) due to an involuntary error, the taxpayer shall proceed as follows:

  • The taxpayer shall inform the Regional Directorate of Taxes where he is registered, by means of a minute (which can be clicked and downloaded at, under the section Fiscal equipment/Forms for fiscal equipment);
  • The GDT shall reflect this error in the data registered in the sales reporting server by correcting it (by reflecting it in a special column)

Caution! Despite the request for correction, the entity shall proceed normally with the reporting of sales. The reported figure shall show the real turnover upon deduction of the error (correction/adjustment) by the GDT.

If the taxpayer does not make a request in the regional directorate to correct the errors in pressing the tax coupon, then an administrative penalty shall be imposed for failure to really reflect the financial situation and wrong issuance of the tax coupon.

The Tax Administration has analysed the transactions that the taxpayers, whether natural or legal persons, have carried out through the fiscal equipment, and it appears that the taxpayers have pressed tax coupons in high values or tax coupons with a 0 value.

In cooperation with the Regional Directorate of Taxes, we are verifying the number of taxpayers that have declared their error in pressing the fiscal equipment, therefore, we would like to invite all taxpayers to respect the above obligation.