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The implementation procedure of the Law “On remission” is still going on

The General Directorate of Taxes has notified electronically through the E-Filing system 365 taxpayers that benefit from the last round of the implementation of the Law “On remission”.

The Tax Administration would like to remind you that December 31st, 2017 is the last deadline to pay the outstanding principal liability in order for these taxpayers to benefit not only from the deletion of fines and registered interests until the entry into force of this law, but also from the removal of any administrative measure undertaken against them for the forced debt collection.

The Tax Administration would like to make an appeal to all those taxpayers that have outstanding principal liabilities for 2011-2014 to pay this principal as soon as possible in order to benefit from the deletion/remission of all other liabilities for outstanding fines and interests.

We kindly remind all taxpayers that they can consult with the tax legislation related to the liabilities exempted from the remission in the Instruction of the Ministry of Finance which is published in the official website of the General Directorate of Taxes under the Tax Legislation section in the following link: