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The Directorate of Large Taxpayers meets with business representatives in the sector of hydrocarbons and fuels trade

The Directorate of Large Taxpayers met with businesses operating in the sector of hydrocarbons and fuels trade. During this event the emphasis was put on the importance that large taxpayers have as the most important taxpayers of the country, related to the contribution in the total tax revenues.

The Tax Administration considers large taxpayers as a very important factor in achieving the common objective of minimizing fiscal evasion. Therefore, cooperating to minimize informality contributes not only to the rooting of fiscal education, but is also automatically translated into a considerable growth of tax revenues.

Invoices and tax coupons shall in every case reflect the real liability for every purchase and sale, thus creating a formal chain of transactions up to the final consumer. Reviewing the level of salaries for the employees of this sector is also a direct request to the business representatives. Failure to declare real salaries, not only prejudices the contributions of the employees, but is also an indicator which confirms undeclared incomes for their employers.

In the meeting held with the large taxpayers, the participants appreciated the initiative of the Tax Administration by presenting their concerns as well as suggestions to improve the current conditions of this sector.