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GDT meets with representatives of the tourism industry

The General Directorate of Taxes held a meeting with representatives of the Albanian Tourism Agency (ATA), mainly accommodation entities operating in various geographical areas of the country.

The aim of this meeting was to inform the operators in this sector on the progress of the implementation of the anti-informality program undertaken by the Tax Administration, as well as to introduce the main findings resulting from the special program analysis on the wide scale verification of economic activities throughout the touristic areas during summer season of 2017.

A report was presented in the meeting, according to which the fiscal indicators achieved at the end of the touristic season are considerably higher compared to the same period a year ago, whereas the participants deemed as positive the high spirit of the bilateral partnership, a higher level of accuracy by the inspectors and a higher level of service quality provided to them by the administration.

The participants presented concrete proposals, mainly of a procedural nature, related to the request to reduce their administration costs by simplifying the tax documentation, to strengthen the coercive measures against informal entities that distort the market and promote unfair competition. The representatives of the Tax Administration provided more thorough explanations regarding concerns or unclarities on the implementation of some sectorial procedural rules, including the implementation of the special regime of VAT implementation in this sector.

As a conclusion it has been agreed that those problems of an administrative nature, with a possibility to be solved through a bilateral cooperation, must become concrete by means of improving the rules that are mainly related to the inspective method of the administration, wide expansion of the information to taxpayers and simplification of tax data keeping by the taxpayers.