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RDTs in Fier and Durres meet with small business representatives

The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Fier met with small business representatives.

The meeting was attended by business representatives that have added the VAT tax liability due to the fiscal visits in the framework of the anti-informality action.

The goal of this meeting is to strengthen cooperation in order to encourage self-declaration of tax liabilities in line with the procedural deadlines and rules.

Exchange of opinions to the benefit of improving the business climate was also under the focus of discussions.

The business representatives presented their requests for information in the area of VAT and Income Tax, in order to be more accurate in fulfilling their legal obligations.

Finally, they appreciated the initiative and backed the idea of holding other meetings of the same nature.

In the same framework, the RDT in Durres met with small business representatives where they discussed regarding the enforcement of the anti-informality action and other issues in the fiscal area of small business.

The participants were positive toward the approach of VAT registration in small businesses and expressed their availability to cooperate in the fight against tax evasion.