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The informative meetings of the Tax Administration with the business community are still on-going

In the framework of the anti-informality action, the Directorate of Large Taxpayers held a meeting with entities that operate in the sector of gambling. The meeting aimed at informing the representatives of this sector on the implementation of the anti-informality action as well as on issues that the Tax Administration asks for cooperation, specifically on accurately declaring the rents for all shops as per the secondary addresses that gambling entities have on the territory, the income tax of the winners in gambling as well as the level of salaries of the employees working in this sector.

The representatives of gambling businesses conveyed their concerns regarding the problem of identifying the winners through electronic games, and as such, of collecting the income tax from the individuals.

The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Dibra held a meeting with taxpayers of the city of Mati attended by business representatives in the area of trade.

The main purpose of this meeting was to inform the businesses and include them in the implementation of the anti-informality action, as well as to raise awareness on the voluntary completion of tax liabilities. Throughout the meeting, the directors of the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Dibra informed the taxpayers about the progress of the third phase in the anti-informality action. Moreover, they discussed the actions that have been taken and the sectors where such action has been mostly focused. Further, during the discussion, the relevance and obligation of using fiscal equipment and issuing tax coupons for every transaction pursuant to the legal specifications, was highlighted.

The participants deemed these meetings as very important for the cooperation between the two parties and expressed their interest and readiness to be an active part anytime proposals are required to solve the problems related to the sectors they are part of.