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The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Elbasan meets with accountants and business representatives

The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Elbasan met today with chartered accountants and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce in Elbasan.

The directors of the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Elbasan presented the anti-informality program and its enforcement by this administration during the meeting with the representatives of this group of interest and business community.

The participants also exchanged ideas and opinions regarding the identification of problems, chances to solve them, deemed as very efficient to reduce informality and improve mutual communication.

During the discussions the majority of the participants said that the fight against informality is closely related to the regularity of accounting and tax data keeping on one hand, and to increasing the quality of service provided to taxpayers and using more extensively the assessment as per the risk analysis, to choose the taxpayers for inspection, to reimburse VAT and to finally deregister them.