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The meeting of RDT in Shkodra with business representatives

In the framework of the anti-informality plan, the RDT of Shkodra held a meeting with the business representatives that operate in the area of trade.

During the meeting the Regional Directorate of Taxes informed the business representatives on the progress of the anti-informality plan and listened to the business concerns and suggestions regarding this action. The business representatives had the opportunity to discuss on the inspections conducted until now by the Tax Administration, as well as on the importance of compliance and voluntary correction from the taxpayers in order to prevent tax evasion.

The participants, inter alia, expressed their concern regarding businesses that do not accept to issue tax invoices for the purposes of evading to exceed the threshold for registration in VAT and Income Tax. They welcomed the meeting and expressed the opinion that such round tables are fruitful in improving the relations spirit among the Tax Administration and businesses.