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2563 taxpayers have benefited from the conditional deletion of liabilities in those cases when the principal on the taxation/contribution has been fully paid

The fourth phase of automatic deletion of liabilities, whether unconditional or on condition, is on its way for the period prior to December 31st, 2010, as well as the deletion of tax liabilities that are remitted on condition for the tax period from January 2011 to December 2014, and currently 2563 taxpayers have benefited.

Pursuant to the Law No. 33/2017 “On the payment and partial deletion of tax liabilities, customs duties, and the removal from circulation of the transport vehicles” and Instruction of the Ministry of Finance for its implementation, upon successfully concluding the process of deletion of liabilities for failure to declare on time and the automatic deletion of outstanding liabilities on late payment interests, as well as any other penalty for which no principal is outstanding, for the tax periods until 31/12/2010, the General Directorate of Taxes has begun and embarked on the fourth phase of automatic deletion.

Due to the automatic deletion, ALL 81,663,834 of tax liabilities have been compensated from the credit balance of VAT and other taxes, as well as ALL 753,853,648 of outstanding liabilities have been deleted. All benefitting taxpayers will find the respective notification in their electronic account in the system.

The process of automatic deletion is going on step by step with all taxpayers, that pursuant to the law benefit from the deletion/remission, whether unconditional or on condition, of the outstanding tax liabilities.

The Tax Administration would like to make an appeal to all taxpayers, who have outstanding principal liabilities for 2011-2014 period, to pay as soon as possible this principal in order to benefit from the deletion/remission of all other liabilities on fines and outstanding interests.

We kindly remind the taxpayers to consult with the legislation related to the liabilities exempted from remission. Full information on the law and instruction of the Ministry of Finance can be found on the official website of the Tax Authority under the “Legislation” section.

Thank you!