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The Minister of Finance and Economy meets with representatives of the small business

The Minister of Finance and Economy, Mr. Arben Ahmetaj, accompanied by the Minister of State for Protection of Entrepreneurship and the General Director of Taxes held a meeting with the small business on the extension of the VAT regime to fight informality.

The introduction of the small business to the VAT scheme will not lead to an increase of prices but will improve the level of tax documentation keeping by the large businesses to the small ones at the end.

During his speech, Minister Ahmetaj said that the aim of VAT extension is to fight inequality and unfairness against the honest competition, thus not allowing the large business to report unreal incomes and by providing easier, more accurate and qualitative services for taxpayers. Handicraft, barber shops, taxi drivers, ambulant vendors, including those in the municipal markets, will be excluded from this VAT extension.

Around 100 small businesses, operating in different fields, were present at the meeting, who were positive toward the extension of VAT from zero turnover. During the discussions, some of the entrepreneurs said that formalization of the entrepreneurship and fight against informality are the solution to their problematic situation, as well as reiterated their cooperation in the fight against evasion.