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RDTs in Tirana and Lezha introduce the entrepreneurship with the strategy on the anti-informality action

The Regional Directorate of Taxes held a meeting with the 50 main businesses in the area of trade and manufacturing regarding the anti-informality action.

The Regional Director, Mr. Dionis Imeraj, presented the anti-informality strategy implemented in Tirana, the inspections that are being conducted in the business premises under the jurisdiction of RDT Tirana, which have been selected based on the risk analysis.

Also, the special role given to the education, assistance and service to taxpayers at business premises was highlighted, as well as the service provided in the front desks or communications through the Call Centre.

According to the representatives of the large business, the VAT system implementation is still a concern. According to them, all must be equal in front of the law, therefore, all small businesses, without exception, must be part of the VAT scheme, which would enable an uninterrupted VAT chain.

Following these meetings, RDT in Lezha also held a meeting with 32 taxpayers in the trade sector, as well as with representatives of the chamber of commerce, where they discussed how the anti-informality plan is being implemented by the tax authorities’ directors and what should the business take into consideration.

The businesses appreciated the initiative undertaken by the Tax Administration regarding hearing sessions and their suggestions, and they were positive on a cooperation against informality and evasion.